Medications of the highest quality for your personal needs

Mission:  We believe in personalized medications that your physician can select to meet your needs.  Ultimately, you and your physician are best suited to decide which treatment is best for you, not your insurance company.

We strive to make all of our medications affordable for every patient.  We believe patients should know the price of their medication up front and should never receive a surprise unexpected bill.

How it works

1. Evaluate Condition

Meet with your physician for an evaluation of your condition. Your physician will create your treatment made-to-order.

2. Select Medication

Your physician will prescribe a personalized medication and you will receive an email with instructions how to create a patient account.

3. Place Order

Complete your order with your credit card and shipping address. Then your medication will arrive at your home!

*All prescriptions are written by independent licensed physicians and/or healthcare providers. All prescriptions prescribed by the licensed healthcare provider are sent by our licensed partner pharmacy. Our platform is currently limited to patients and healthcare providers in the United States.